Baccarat Crystal

Baccarat Crystal

Baccarat crystal is a luxury item that is a great addition to any home. From dazzling chandeliers to delicate glassware, each piece is an exquisite work of art.슬롯게임

Its artistry, timelessness, collectibility, and status symbol make it a must-have for any luxury collection. To keep up with its tradition of excellence, Baccarat continues to innovate and develop new techniques.


From the first shard of glass picked up by a man’s hand to the development of Baccarat’s famous red, crystal has always been synonymous with exceptional technique and luxurious marks. From freehand cutting to brush applied raised relief gilding, each timeless masterpiece combines mastery and creativity.

The company is named for the French town of Baccarat, where the factory is located. The factory was founded in the 1700s and excelled in the production of lead crystal glass. In the 1800s, the company added stemware to its product line and differentiated itself from other glass makers by adding color.

Baccarat developed the industry’s first continuous melting tank and pioneered a number of other innovations. It also was the first to produce colored glass and jewelry. The company has never stopped pushing the boundaries and exploring new techniques. In addition, it is committed to its workers and has a history of being a caring employer. The company has been named a Living Heritage site by the Louvre Groupe du Louvre in France.


In 1764 King Louis XV established a glassworks in the eastern French city of Baccarat. It originally produced window panes, mirrors and tableware using soda glass, which contained less expensive sodium carbonate and lime rather than potash and lead oxide as in the manufacture of true crystal.

In 1816 the first crystal oven went into operation, and soon Baccarat's name became synonymous with high-quality lead crystal. The firm focused solely on this product and grew, acquiring a reputation that extends far beyond France's borders.슬롯머신게임

The company innovated to stay ahead of the curve; in the 1860s it introduced the first piston air pump that spared glassmakers' breath. This allowed them to work much faster, producing more intricate designs. As the crystal became more and more popular, the firm received commissions from royalty throughout the world. In fact, the tsar of Russia had so many Baccarat chandeliers in his palace that legend has it he had them hung by elephants!


Baccarat crystal has been a staple of luxury design for over 250 years. Their timeless masterpieces exhibit all facets of artistic craftsmanship and encompass a vast repertoire of inspiration.

The company's early designs are recognizable for their opulent ormolu accents and richly etched motifs, which evoke the milky translucence of opaline glass. These vases were widely popular among Victorian collectors.

From stemware sets commissioned by nineteenth-century French kings to the legendary Harcourt line of crystal glasses, Baccarat's designers have created a wide variety of styles that continue to resonate with contemporary consumers.

From the wavy lines of the Eye vase to the geometric shapes of the Louxor photo frame, Baccarat's heirloom-quality pieces are the hallmark of refined taste. Owning a piece of Baccarat crystal is a status symbol and an exceptional addition to any home decor. Its artistry, timelessness, collectability, and versatility make it a smart investment. For more information about Baccarat crystal, contact a reputable luxury dealer today.


For over 180 years, Baccarat's artisans have transformed earth, air and fire into exceptional pieces. These daring craftsmen of crystal translate tradition into creation, with an unprecedented know-how that includes freehand cutting and brush applied raised relief gilding.

This unique and innovative technique allows Baccarat to produce delicate motifs on large pieces. It was also at Baccarat that wheel engraving was invented, allowing more elaborate designs and reducing production costs.

Creating a single piece of crystal glass takes patience, precision and expertise. The granular sand associated with potasse is melted into liquid and then, under the high craftsmanship of a Meilleur Ouvrier de France, it is sculpted into its final form. It takes more than 30 hands to create a single masterpiece. In its early days, Baccarat focused on mirrors and windowpanes. But by the 1800's they had developed a process for producing quality lead crystal glass and became renowned for their exquisite glassware. The company changed owners several times throughout its history, but Baccarat remained committed to excellence and innovation.온라인카지노사이트


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